2NE1’s Sandara Park Shocks Netizens By Revealing Her Current Weight

The idol reassured fans that she has a balanced lifestyle!

2NE1‘s Sandara Park is definitely one of the most iconic idols ever. Since debuting in 2009, the idol has always caught the attention of netizens in whatever she does. Sandara has also proved to be a true all-rounder in the industry.

2NE1’s Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

Aside from her dazzling talent and charming charisma, Sandara Park has always wowed with her muscular physique, which has gained attention from netizens worldwide. The idol always seems to be in perfect shape but also looks healthy.

| @daraxxi/Instagram
| @daraxxi/Instagram

Yet, a video was recently released that raised some concerns about Sandara Park’s health and condition. The idol recently appeared on the second episode of Unnies Without An Appetite, alongside Park So Hyun and host Kim Sook.

During the video, Sandara Park joked that she had lost weight because she didn’t have time to meet the host. Park So Hyun also agreed, but Kim Sook seemed more concerned on hearing the news that both women had lost weight.

Kim Sook then pointed out that Sandara currently weighs only 37kg and shared her frustrations that even when she tries her hardest to lose weight, she struggles to stay in the mid-40s.

Yet, it was the dramatic weight loss that worried some fans. After revealing her weight, Sandara Park admitted that she actually used to weigh 47kg.

The idol then shared her feelings about appearing on Video Star and how she looked when she was on the show. Although netizens would disagree, Sandara Park didn’t seem happy with how she looked during that time.

Of course, one of the biggest issues in K-Pop is idols being underweight to try and match the expectations of netizens. Unsurprisingly, it meant that many people worried about the idol’s condition on social media.

Yet, even before the video was released, Sandara proved just how much she cares for fans as she tweeted to reassure them that she was eating well. In the tweet, the idol shared her eating habits and that although she doesn’t eat huge portions, she still eats properly and attached pictures of her going out and eating.

Since then, Sandara has shared other tweets showing herself eating just to reassure fans that she isn’t being unhealthy, despite the drastic weight loss.

Yet, it isn’t the first time that Sandara Park has spoken about her weight. In the past, Sandara Park revealed that she always had a hard time gaining weight due to her eating habits.

I’ve never exceeded 38 to 39 kilograms (84 to 86 pounds) in weight.

— Sandara Park

| @daraxxi/Instagram

Although Sandara might seem skinny and her weight might have dropped drastically, the idol seems to be living a healthy lifestyle, and there could be a combination of reasons associated with her weight loss. As long as the idol is healthy, it seems like netizens have no reason to worry.

You can watch the whole video below.

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