Sandara Park Gains Over 15 Pounds And Exposes Whose “Fault” It Is

Sandara’s always had a hard time gaining weight.

On KBS‘s Problem Child in House, Sandara Park shared a surprising update regarding her weight.

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Sandara Park revealed that she always had a hard time gaining weight.

I’ve never exceeded 38 to 39 kilograms (84 to 86 pounds) in weight.

— Sandara Park

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And it was simply due to her eating habits.

If I was sick, I wouldn’t eat, and if I was busy, I wouldn’t eat either.

— Sandara Park

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Therefore, it has always been her goal to gain weight one day.

It’s always been my wish to gain weight. I’ve never dieted before. I’ve always just tried to gain weight instead.

— Sandara Park

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But she finally managed to do it and everyone’s amazed.

I recently gained 7 to 8 kilograms (15 to 18 pounds).

— Sandara Park

And she exposed whose “fault” it was.

After eating with my unnies Kim Sook and Park Na Rae, I found it hard to put down my chopsticks before I knew it.

— Sandara Park

She gained enough weight to up two sizes in clothing and even got a gym membership for the first time!

But Sandara’s happy and so are those responsible for her weight gain.

Once I started gaining weight, Sook Unnie liked me more.

— Sandara Park

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