Sandara Park Rejects Beauty Standards For 2NE1, Redefines “Pretty”

“What a clapback!”

“Can’t nobody hold us down, nothing’s gonna take us down.” 2NE1‘s music is all about staying true to yourself and blazing your own trail, and Sandara Park is taking that philosophy to heart.

2NE1 reunited at Coachella 2022. | @88rising/Twitter

On April 17 (KST), the OG Queens of K-Pop reunited at the Coachella music festival. Here, Sandara Park (also known by her 2NE1 stage name, Dara), brought back her gravity-defying hairstyles from 2NE1’s “I Am the Best” era.

Sandara Park | YG Entertainment

As expected, her sky-high fauxhawk got everybody talking. It’s a bold choice, but “bold” is something this star has never been afraid to be.

Today, Sandara Park tweeted four new photos of her ‘do, along with this powerful caption; “Instead of being pretty, I chose to be 2NE1.”

In each photo, she poses poolside with a teddy bear, embracing her fierce rockstar aesthetic.

Like the song says, she’s the best!

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