CL Spills The Real Reason 2NE1 Reunited At Coachella 2022

CL proved she is a true leader!

On April 17 (KST), K-Pop fans worldwide couldn’t contain their excitement when OG Queens 2NE1 made a surprise appearance at this year’s Coachella!

2NE1 reunited at Coachella 2022. | @88rising/Twitter

The group reunited for the first time since the 2015 MAMAs. Despite being away for so long, the group slayed as if they had never been away. 

Sandara Park sported her iconic hairstyle, CL was the “Baddest Female” on the face of the planet, Park Bom wowed with her unparalleled vocals, and Minzy was still as sassy as ever, the group rightly gained attention worldwide.

2NE1 on stage at Coachella 2022. | @dropthekhhtea/Twitter

In particular, 2NE1 performed their 2011 mega-hit, “I Am The Best,” live on the main stage!

If netizens weren’t over the event, CL brought fans even more joy with a recent Instagram post, sharing how 2NE1 came to perform at Coachella in the first place. CL had previously been announced as a part of the lineup for 88rising‘s “HEAD IN THE CLOUDS FOREVER” showcase.

However, being a true leader, the singer wanted to make the moment about the group. In the post, she shared how grateful she was for everything in her career and why she chose to have a stage with 2NE1, not just her.

The reason I really wanted to invite 2NE1 members to the stage when I agreed to do Coachella is that I hoped I would be able to—that we would be able to—reunite on our own before it’s too late.

— CL

| @chaelincl/ Instagram

She then went on to share how much going on stage with 2NE1 meant to her, especially after reaching 13 years together in the K-Pop industry.

By going on that stage, I really wanted to see the people who protected us and stayed with us all these times and thank them for the past 13 years of love and support for 2NE1. That being said, today has been such an important and meaningful day for me of all.

— CL

| @chaelincl/ Instagram

Not only was she grateful for the chance, but she honestly shared her emotions after the performance. In particular, she shared how those emotions allowed them to remember the past.

I hope, with the emotions that flowed through us today, that we’re able to remember and feel the things that we used to in the past.

— CL

| @chaelincl/ Instagram

She ended by sharing how grateful she was to both her members and the crowd for sharing such an emotional moment.

Again, I am so grateful for my members who shined on stage with me today. I’m grateful to everyone who made such a performance possible. And I’m going to keep going until I get to perform the whole hour on my own.

— CL

| @chaelincl/ Instagram

As expected, although CL might be a soloist, she always has her members in mind. Hopefully, it isn’t long before 2NE1 graces the stage together again and Coachella wasn’t a one-off.

2NE1 Reunited: OG K-Pop Queens Stun Coachella 2022 With A Surprise Live Performance

Source: @chaelincl

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