Dara And Yeeun Performs A Legendary Collaboration Of 2NE1 And Wonder Girls

BLACKJACKS and Wonderfuls are drowning in tears right now!

Everyone remembers the days when Wonder Girls and 2NE1 took over the charts with their consecutive hits! But these two legendary groups rarely ever stood on the same stage… until now!


Yeeun appeared on Video Star, where Dara welcomed her senior with a medley performance of her greatest hits! She started off with solo performances for “Tell Me” and “So Hot”!


Before Yeeun came up to join her for their biggest hit, “Nobody”! The first and only time members of 2NE1 and Wonder Girls performed together!


To express her gratitude, Yeeun performed 2NE1’s “MISSING YOU”!


And Dara hilariously exclaimed that when it comes to dancing… It’s “JYP!


The two shared a beautiful hug after their legendary performance, solidifying a new bond between the two queens!


Check out snippets of their performance below: