2NE1’s Minzy rumored to be looking for a new agency as contract with YG nears its end

An alarming report by Korean media portal TV Daily has Blackjack nervous with the news that 2NE1 member Minzy is allegedly looking for a new agency.

A music insider told TV Daily in an exclusive that the exclusive contract for the members of 2NE1 are coming to an end soon with member Minzy already in contact with other agencies waiting to scoop her up.

They were quoted saying, “2NE1’s contract is expiring soon and there is a high possibility they will disband. Gong Minzy is already in contact with other agencies and is ready to move on. I’ve heard that Gong Minzy has already begun negotiating a contract with an agency. But it didn’t work out because the amount Gong Minzy asked for was too much.”

However, it is also a possibility that Minzy is only going around different agencies to see what her worth is, an act that is practiced with celebrities whose contracts are about to expire with their current agencies, thus doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t renew.

Meanwhile, CL is the only member to have renewed a contract with YG Entertainment, albeit only for her solo activities and not as a member of 2NE1.

2NE1 last released an album in 2014 titled CRUSH but unfortunately were forced into hiatus in June that same year after Park Bom became embroiled in a scandal. With the members of 2NE1 going their own path of activities from that moment on, Blackjacks were delighted when the group surprisingly came on stage together after nearly two years at the 2015 MAMA, raising hope of a group comeback.

YG Entertainment has yet to deliver a response to the latest disbandment rumors.

Source: TV Daily