CL renews contract with YG Entertainment to prepare for solo activities

Blackjacks may be seeing solo activities from CL not only in the United States but in South Korea as well!

One of K-pop’s favorite divas was reported to have just renewed her contract with her agency, YG Entertainment, signing on solo activities as well, which further stabilizing her current plans of making a solo debut in America.

YG officials further confirmed the news on April 4th. They further explain that the renewal was taken as an advanced step so that she may have reliable support and management for her upcoming activities in America.

CL has received attention worldwide not only for her artistic skills and fashion, but also because she is able to communicate with fans in various languages and her understanding of various cultures. This is all due to having moved around multiple times across the world due to her family growing up.

News of her contract renewal with YG Entertainment has alerted fans into a frenzy, most voicing out their fear of what would happen to 2NE1. But fear not Blackjacks!

According to reports, the remaining members of 2NE1, including Park Bom, Minzy, and Sandara Park, are expected to revisit their contract and renew next year.

CL recently appeared in her first main stage and performance in America on March 29th at the biggest electronic music festival, Ultra Music Festival, in Miami, Florida, alongside Skrillex, P.Diddy, and Diplo, leaving an amazing impression on many Americans.

Source: OSEN and MK