2PM’s Chansung Reveals Why He Was Unable To Participate In Producing Music For Their New Album

He shared that it was difficult for him.

2PM recently made their first comeback in 6 years with their seventh full album, and maknae Chansung revealed why he could not participate in the songs for the album this time!


While holding an online press conference for their latest album, the members talked about the success with their 2015 song “My House”, their latest comeback, as well as about the image they’ve had all these years.

With regards to their latest album, many members, such as Jun.K, Wooyoung, and Taecyeon had writing credits on lots of the songs. Wooyoung also had credits on their title track for this comeback, “Make It”, and other songs as well!


While talking about their album, Chansung revealed that even though he really wanted to participate in producing for this album, he was ultimately unable to, because he was going through a tough time creatively after his time in the military!

While being enlisted, I lost my creative sense. I endeavored to make some songs and write lyrics, but my efforts were not successful.


Hopefully, Chansung will be able to write all the songs he wants for their next album!


In the meantime, 2PM just made their comeback with the album Must and title track “Make It”.

Check it out here!

Source: The Korea Times, Chansung Image and Chansung image
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