2PM continues teasing with Nichkhun and Chansung’s images for “Gentlemen’s Game”

JYP Entertainment is quick to release four more teaser images for their next two 2PM members, Nichkhun and Chansung!

As 2PM’s comeback draws close, fans are also being well fed with new profile pictures of the members, which are good reasons to change their desktop and phone wallpapers.

The first set of images were released on September 5, featuring Wooyoung and Junho. Fans can next expect concept images from the remaining two members, Taecyeon and Jun.K tonight at midnight.

Each member gets two images, as they get dressed in different suits, one in classic black and another in classy blue. With great use of lighting, the photographer manages to capture their charms through the night shots.

In related news, Jun.K gave a shocking revelation on Hello Counsellor that one or two 2PM members are currently dating, a tricky topic the group might need to address during their upcoming promotions.

2PM will make a comeback on September 13 with their 6th studio album, Gentlemen’s Game, and promote with title track “Promise”.