Korean Fans Obsess Over 2PM’s Mature And Sexy Visuals In Their Comeback Music Video

We are also obsessed.

The boys, I mean the men of 2PM are back and they are sizzling with their comeback! The 6 members of the boy group returned after a 5-year hiatus with “Make It” and let us be the first to tell you that their time off served them good.

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WooyoungTaecyeonNichkhunJun.K, Chansung, and Junho made a strong impression with their adult return, as the group showed off their mature concept for their “Make It” music video. The video starts with the 6 men dressed in dapper corporate-appropriate outfits, dancing their leggy choreography.

Then we have Wooyoung starting off the song with his amazing vocals and sultry facial expression. The 2PM member impressed with his evolved skillset, as it turns out that he not only wrote the group’s comeback track, but he also choreographed for it too!

Then we have our favorite “Thai Prince,” Nichkhun stunning with his never-changing visuals as he kills his fans with his perfect face and amazing dancing abilities.

Jun.K comes in next with his sweet vocals, as he shows off his gaze for the music video’s lucky lady. He proves that he is the epitome of dapper with his suit and gorgeous visuals.

He may be the maknae, but he sure doesn’t look like it anymore! Chansung swoops in with his handsome looks as he also gushes over the female protagonist. Seriously, who is she and how can we be her?

And then we have the chorus, where all 6 of the fine 2PM members come together to execute the amazing choreography. They strut their handsome selves towards the camera and wait for it — rolls up their sleeves. Like what? It literally can’t get any better than that!

Next up, we have Taecyeon, who stuns all of the viewers with his rap and his handsome visuals. We don’t think you understand when we say, we missed his low voice so much!

Last, but most certainly not least is Junho, who may have caused a few heart attacks with his scene. The glasses, the wet shirt…are you for serious right now?! Excuse me sir, this is illegal.

2PM’s comeback music video seems to have excited the majority of Korean netizens as well, as they poured out their adoration for the boy group’s mature concept comeback.

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  • “Are you sure they all went to the army? Why are they even more good looking and even more sexier than before?”
  • “Who thought of putting Junho in that wet shirt. Thank you.”
  • “They did an amazing job taking care of themselves.”
  • “As soon as Junho came out, my heart stopped. Someone give me his address, stat.”
  • “Jang Wooyoung, is there anything you can’t do? You made the comeback track, the choreography. Wow, that’s insane. You’re such a stage master and I get a feeling you’re going to rock the stage this comeback.”
  • “The song, the dance, they’re so good.”
  • “Ok Taecyeon’s low part is so insanely good.”
  • “My heart is reacting. So freaking handsome.”

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They may be in different agencies and they may be older than the current wave of K-Pop idol groups, but they are still the one and only 2PM. Check out the music video for their comeback track “Make It” down below.

Source: theqoo