2PM’s Junho And Actress Kim Tae Ri Prove They Share The Same Brain Cell At The “2022 Baeksang Art Awards”

Netizens couldn’t get over their chemistry at the event.

Korean actors and actresses all came together to celebrate the industry during the 2022 Baeksang Art Awards. Not only did everyone look amazing, but there were so many adorable AF interactions between everyone’s favorite stars.

In particular, two people that really caught the attention of netizens were 2PM‘s Junho and Twenty Five Twenty One actress Kim Tae Ri. The duo both won two awards as Junho picked up “Best Actor” and Kim Tae Ri won “Best Actress.”

2PM’s Junho (left) and Kim Tae Ri (right)

Kim Tae Ri and Junho also won the “TikTok Popularity Award,” and netizens couldn’t get enough of the interactions between the talented pair.

It seemed like the visuals and charisma were off the scale as netizens couldn’t deny their chemistry and just how adorable they were being around each other.

Yet, it seems like the duo cemented their chemistry even before the event started. Netizens couldn’t stop seeing the similarities between the pair from the minute they stepped onto the red carpet.

When Kim Tae Ri arrived, the actress was the perfect mixture of adorable and stunning as she walked the red carpet. Not only did she perfectly recover from a small tumble when she got out of the car…

But she went from absolutely flawless to the “Queen of Charisma” when she melted the hearts of viewers by bursting into fits of laughter and became very shy after she gave the cameras a thumbs up.

Yet, it seems like great minds and actors think alike. When Junho was on the red carpet, he was very shy and embarrassed when the cameras asked him to do some aegyo.

After the ceremony, the duo went back on the red carpet to discuss how they felt about winning some of the biggest awards, and they definitely looked cute AF.

They once again showcased that they share a single brain cell after netizens noticed that they both had the same reaction to everything that had happened, probably combined with the heat and adrenaline of the event.

When the videos were shared, netizens couldn’t get enough of their chemistry and the fact that, as introverts, they literally had the same reactions to the different parts of the event.

Kim Tae Ri even made sure that Junho was able to be seen in a group picture after he initially seemed far apart from the crowd.

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This single event has meant that netizens need to see the duo in a K-Drama together. With their talent, personalities, and visuals, it is bound to be an instant success, and their chemistry will definitely shine.

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