Actor Nam Joo Hyuk Channels An Iconic Character At “Remember” Press Conference, But Netizens Notice A Major Difference

He is booked and busy.

Although tvN‘s K-Drama Twenty Five Twenty One ended in April, we’re still not over it!

Nam Joo Hyuk as Baek Yi Jin

The next starring role for actor Nam Joo Hyuk, who portrayed Baek Yi Jin in the K-Drama, is in the Korean drama film Remember. He stars alongside Lee Sung Min and Jung Man Sik.

Remember tells the story of Pil-Joo (Lee Sung-min), an Alzheimer’s patient in his 80s, who lost all his family during the Japanese colonial era, and devotes his lifelong revenge before his memories disappear, and a young man in his 20s (Nam Joo-hyuk) who helps him.

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On September 26 at 11 AM KST, a press conference for the film Remember was held. It was broadcast live online as well as the director and lead actors answered questions.

Nam Joo Hyuk certainly stole the show, though. His look at the press conference has caught the attention of netizens worldwide.

Fans pointed out the similarities between his fit and that of his Twenty Five Twenty One character Baek Yi Jin. His hair was styled similarly, and he wore a black turtleneck with a collared coat.

The key difference between the two? Many netizens noticed that he appeared bigger than before as he filled out his suit nicely. His shoulders appear even wider, and his jawline is very strong.

This is likely due to his next starring role in the action thriller series Vigilante. It is adapted from the Webtoon of the same name, written by CRG and illustrated by Kim Gyu Sam.

Kim Ji Yong, a student at the police academy lost his mother at the hand of a local gangster when he was young. He becomes a vigilante and kills criminals.

— MyDramaList’s description for Vigilante

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Remember releases on October 26, 2022, in theaters, while Vigilante will likely premiere sometime in 2023.

Nam Joo Hyuk isn’t the only Twenty Five Twenty One star who has recently channeled their character. Actress Kim Tae Ri has as well! Read more below.

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Source: MyDramaList

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