Actress Kim Tae Ri Borrows Her “Twenty Five Twenty One” Character’s Accessories For The “Decision To Leave” VIP Premiere

We’re not the only ones not over “Twenty Five Twenty One.”

It’s been over two months since tvN K-Drama Twenty Five Twenty One ended. Yet, we’re not the only ones who haven’t gotten over it.

Nam Joo Hyuk (left) and Kim Tae Ri (right) in the “Twenty Five Twenty One” poster.

Actress Kim Tae Ri recently attended the VIP premiere for the 2022 film Decision to Leave (also known as Decision to Break Up) among 30 A-list celebrities. As always, she looked beautiful, but fans noticed that she may have made a subtle reference to Twenty Five Twenty One in her style choices…

Kim Tae Ri at “Decision to Leave” VIP Premiere.

Decision to Leave is a Korean mystery film starring Tang Wei and Park Hae Il. Director Park Chan Wook won “Best Director” at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

A detective falls for a mysterious widow after she becomes the prime suspect in his latest murder investigation.

— Wikipedia’s plot description for Decision to Leave

Park Hae Il (left) and Tang Wei (right) in the “Decision to Leave” poster.

Director Park Chan Wook has worked on many acclaimed Korean films, including the award-winning erotic thriller The Handmaiden, starring Kim Tae Ri.

A woman is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress, but secretly she is involved in a plot to defraud her.

— IMDb’s plot description for The Handmaiden 

Kim Tae Ri (left) and Kim Min Hee (right) in “The Handmaiden” poster.

So, of course, she was invited to the premiere of his latest film!

Fans of Kim Tae Ri noticed something special about her ensemble as she attended the Decision to Leave premiere. It appeared to be a subtle nod to her Twenty Five Twenty One character, Na Hee Do.

Of course, Kim Tae Ri truly already embodies Na Hee Do. Everything from her charisma and mannerisms puts fans in mind of the iconic character.

Yet, intentional style choices were made that reminded fans of the lovable fencer too…

The outfit itself definitely felt like it could have been inspired by the 90s, the era in which the majority of Twenty Five Twenty One takes place, as it consisted of two retro pieces, chunky black boots and a boxy shift dress. Still, some notable accessories weren’t seen on the carpet…

Kim Tae Ri wore some cute accessories off the carpet. She was spotted wearing a matching black bucket hat, mask, and a familiar-looking backpack…

The backpack in question is the PRADA re-nylon medium backpack. It costs $1,850 USD.


Attached to the backpack is the NAITO DESIGN Tamiho Maita scratch cat mascot bag charm/key ring in gray. It costs $13 USD.


Both the backpack and bag charm are the same ones worn by Na Hee Do in Twenty Five Twenty One during her high school days! So, Kim Tae Ri brought a little bit of her character to the Decision to Leave premiere.

| tvN & Netflix

Even though the K-Drama ended a couple of months ago, Kim Tae Ri still reminds us of Na Hee Do often. Last month at the 2022 Baeksang Art Awards, netizens couldn’t get over the similarities between her and her character!

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