5 Times K-Dramas Filmed In The Same Visually Stunning Locations

Here are five times K-Drama worlds collided!

Korean dramas steal hearts worldwide with their captivating plots and dynamic characters. With Korean dramas continuing to rise in popularity, many fans are eager to live out their K-Drama dreams by visiting memorable locations in their favorite shows.

Here are five gorgeous locations that have been featured in more than one Korean drama.

1. Crossing Guesthouse

In a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment from the first episode of Our Beloved Summer, the main character Kook Yeon Su (played by Kim Da Mi), is shown walking home and passing by a familiar house. It was the house of the character Na Hee Do (played by Kim Tae Ri) from Twenty Five Twenty One.

Character Na Hee Do’s house in “Twenty Five Twenty One” | jeonjucity.kr

The house is called Crossing Guesthouse and is located in the city of Jeonju. While it was only shown in that one scene in Our Beloved Summer, it was prominently featured throughout Twenty Five Twenty One.

“Our Beloved Summer” character Kook Yeon Soo with the “Twenty Five Twenty One” house in the background

2. Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower, also known as N Seoul Tower, features an observation deck with a beautiful view of Seoul. This famous tower is featured in many Korean dramas, including Boys Over FlowersRooftop PrinceTrue Beauty, and Sh**ting Stars.

Recent photo of Namsan Tower lit up pink for BLACKPINK’s comeback | @BBU_BLACKPINK/Twitter

Fans of Boys Over Flowers will recognize the tower from episode four, where Gu Jun Pyo (played by Lee Min Ho) waits for Geum Jan Di (played by Goo Hye Sun) in the snow.

Gu Jun Pyo in front of Namsan Tower

After Geum Jan Di arrives late, the two decide to take a cable car from the tower, which ends up getting stuck.

| @brunette931/Twitter

In True Beauty, Lee Su Ho (played by ASTRO‘s Cha Eun Woo) and Im Ju Kyung (played by Moon Ga Young) fatefully meet in front of the love locks at the tower as it snows.

True Beauty characters Lee Su Ho and Im Ju Kyung in front of the Namsan Tower love locks

3. The River Cafe

The River Cafe in Seoul has also been featured in numerous dramas. The beautiful glass-covered building gives guests a fantastic view of the Han River, making it the perfect backdrop for dramas.

The River cafe and yacht club in Seoul | Korean Dramaland/WordPress

A few of the dramas it’s featured in include Hometown Cha Cha ChaExtraordinary Attorney WooBeauty InsideDo Do Sol Sol La La SolBusiness Proposal, and Forecasting Love & Weather.

In Hometown Cha Cha ChaShin Min Ah‘s character, Yoon Hye Jin, travels to Seoul with her friend and roommate, Pyo Min Seon (played by Gong Min Jeung). Her mind is somewhere else throughout their trip; after eating dinner at The River, the two friends are stuck in the rain. Yoon Hye Jin stands on the ramp leaving the restaurant as she realizes she is in love. 

“Hometown Cha Cha Cha”

Extraordinary Attorney Woo character Choi Soo Yeon (played by Ha Yoon Kyung) had a different experience at The River cafe after a date gone wrong. We see her character leave the restaurant and storm up the same ramp as she leaves.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

In Beauty Inside, the cafe is used for a few different scenes. In one scene, the assistant and sister of the main character Seo Do Jae (played by Lee Min Ki), meet for a meal at the cafe.

“Beauty Inside”

In another episode, main character Han Se Gye (played by Seo Hyun Jin) poses for photos while in the hospital. The hospital is actually The River cafe!

Character Han Se Gye with her friend and manager taking photos in the hospital

4. Royal Quest Film Set

The Royal Quest film set has been used in over 40 Korean dramas, two movies, and various photoshoots.

Super Junior used the set to take photos for their tenth album, The Renaissance.

(From left to right) Super Juniot’s Shindong, Yesung, Donghae, Siwon, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook

It was also an office set for the dramas Cinderella and Four Knights and Melting Me Softly.

“Cinderella and Four Knights”
“Melting Me Softly”


The beautiful MOCHUISLE Cafe in Gyeonggi has been featured in Business Proposal, Our Beloved Summer, Yumi’s Cell, Penthouse, and more.

MOCHUISLE | Korea Tourism Organization

In Business Proposal, characters Kang Tae Moo (played by Ahn Hyo Seop) and Jin Young Seo (played by Seol In Ah) meet in the cafe to discuss dodging their parents’ blind date set-up attempts.

Business Proposal

In Our Beloved Summer, the fictional K-Pop idol NJ (played by Roh Jeoung Eui) and  Choi Ung (played by Choi Woo Shik) spend the day together and stop by the picturesque cafe.

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Source: Korean Dramaland

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