K-Drama “Business Proposal” Remake Is Coming — Watch The Sneak Peek Now

After the OG show’s success, can the remake have the same popularity?

Back in 2022, one of the hottest K-Dramas of the year was Business Proposal.

The original poster for “Business Proposal” | Kakao Entertainment

The show followed Ha Ri (Kim Sejeong), who pretended to be her friend on a blind date with Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop), who turned out to be her CEO, before falling in love.


There was also the love story between Ha Ri’s friend Young Seo (Seol In Ah) and Tae Moo’s chief secretary and closest friend Sung Hoon (Kim Min Kyu).


With the success of the show, many fans couldn’t hide their excitement when Hong Kong TV station ViuTV held an event announcing its upcoming shows, and one was a remake of the beloved K-Drama.

Cast member Shirley Sham announcing the remake | Koreaboo

On October 13, the first trailer was shared with fans, showing what fans could expect from the remake and a glimpse at the characters.

As expected, it started by showing the main character Keung Tai Mo (Timo), who is played by MIRROR member Anson Lo. Like Ahn Hyo Seop’s character, Tae Moo, Anson has the same “aura” that any CEO lead needs, from the visuals to the walk.

The next character introduced was Timo’s best friend and secretary, Cheung Sing Fan (Alfred), played by MIRROR member Edan Lui. With his cute glasses and “boy next door” visuals, Edan is the perfect person to replicate the fan-favorite OG character Sung Hoon.

Of course, everyone wants to know who is set to put a spin on Kim Sejeong’s iconic character Ha Ri.

The lead female role is played by actress Hanna Chan, who will be putting her own spin on the character Chan Ching Shu. Compared to Ha Ri, this character seems more playful and quirky with her adorable glasses and sense of style.

The final main character to be introduced is played by Shirley Sham, who will take on the role of Chan Ching Shu’s best friend, Suen Ho Lei (Holly). Like Seol In Ah, she seems extremely glamorous and the perfect partner in crime.

There were then glimpses from the scenes that fans could expect. Not only did it show the stars’ interpretations of the iconic characters, but also some of the interactions between them.


In particular, the final scene with the two MIRROR members shows that the remake will hopefully focus on the “bromance” between the two male characters because it was something that netizens loved from the OG show.

On the same day as the trailer was released, Anson Lo and Edan Lui attended the “ViuTV 2024” event, where the TV station introduced upcoming shows and dramas. They performed with their group MIRROR and promoted the drama.

Anson Lo and Edan Lui (middle) with the rest of the MIRROR members | ViuTV

With the show set to start airing before the end of the year, there will definitely be a lot of eyes on the remake, especially after the success and popularity of the original K-Drama.

You can watch the full trailer below.


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