Ahn Hyo Seop’s Now-Deleted Instagram Posts Have Netizens Shipping Him And Kim Sejeong

While it’s all speculation about the “Business Proposal” co-stars, netizens love the duo too much!

Kim Sejeong has addressed the rumors and clarified she didn’t go to Japan with Ahn Hyo Seop.

One of the hottest K-Drama couples of 2022 was the team of Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) in Business Proposal.

During the show, their chemistry was off the scale, and even in interviews, netizens always loved seeing how comfortable they were around each other.


At the start of the year, Kim Sejeong’s adorable post with Ahn Hyo Seop was deleted, and it had many thinking the two could possibly be dating.

The now-deleted post from January with the two stars | @clean_0828/Instagram

Well, it seems as if a now-deleted post on Instagram from Ahn Hyo Seop has sent the rumor mill back into overdrive. On June 10, Ahn Hyo Seop posted some photos on Instagram, and it seemed like they were taken in Japan.

The photos from Ahn Hyo Seop’s now-deleted post | @imhyoseop/Instagram
| @imhyoseop/Instagram
| @imhyoseop/Instagram
| @imhyoseop/Instagram
| @imhyoseop/Instagram

While any post from Ahn Hyo Seop gets fans excited, this one was even more important because fans noted that Sejeong had revealed she had also recently visited Japan.

When the photos were posted, the internet was instantly lit up with comments from netizens believing the two went to Japan together. In particular, in one photo, many fans thought they could see Sejeong’s hand.

After Ahn Hyo Seop deleted the photos, many thought it was even more proof that the actor wasn’t meant to post the photos and hadn’t expected such a response.

In particular, one TikTok video on the topic had over a million views, and netizens in the comments couldn’t get over the fact that their two favorites could’ve been together in the same country.

Ahn Hyo Seop then posted some of the photos again, but netizens noticed that some of the pictures (which netizens used to link the two stars) had been deleted.

While it is all rumors and netizens getting excited, many love the idea that one of their favorite K-Drama OTPs could seemingly be closer to becoming a reality. While it was probably just a coincidence, it’s not surprising fans have been sent into meltdown.

You can read about Kim Sejong addressing the rumors below.

Kim Sejeong Directly Address The Rumors Of Her Traveling With Ahn Hyo Seop

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