Kim Sejeong Directly Addresses The Rumors Of Her Traveling With Ahn Hyo Seop

Many started shipping the two after “Business Proposal” aired.

Actress and idol Kim Sejeong (also stylized as Kim Se Jeong) recently made a trip to Japan, having shared some pictures of her trip with her fans.

Kim Sejeong during her trip to Japan | @clean_0828/Instagram

Later actor Ahn Hyo Seop also shared pictures of himself, which led to speculation from fans that he had also traveled to Japan with Sejeong.

Ahn Hyo Seop | @imhyoseop/Instagram

Hyo Seop later deleted his post and then reuploaded it after deleting some pictures, making fans more convinced that the two had traveled together.

Fans started shipping the two talented actors after they starred together in the hit K-Drama Business Proposal. The chemistry between their characters was undeniable.

Scene from “Business Proposal”

And even off-screen, the two have continually shown their support for one another, leading many fans to believe there might be more between them.

However, Sejeong recently held a Weverse Live broadcast, where she shut down the rumors, refuting the specuation that she went to Japan with Hyo Seop.

There’s a rumor that Hyo Seop oppa and I went to Japan together? Why would I go to Japan with oppa?

— Kim Sejeong

Instead, she named her best friend and older brother as the people she went on the trip with.

Hold up hold up – to be accurate, I went with my friend, my best friend, and my older brother. Beep beep.

— Kim Sejeong

Many fans took to Twitter to support how Sejeong addressed the situation directly.

While others pointed out that she shouldn’t have had to clarify her private life in the first place, taking this as a reminder that shippers should respect boundaries.

Especially since Sejeong had to address the rumors during a live broadcast when she has many other exciting things to talk to fans about, like the upcoming second season of Uncanny Counter.

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Kim Sejeong

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