“I Don’t Have Intentions Of Getting Close To Her…” — Kim Sejeong’s True Thoughts About IU Will Surprise You

Netizens relate to her 100%.

IU is one of the biggest stars in South Korea. She’s often called the “idol of idols” — even BTS’s Jungkook is her fanboy!

Actress and singer Kim Sejeong also expressed her deep admiration for IU on the radio show Jung Oh’s Song Of Hope, Kim Shin Young.

L: Kim Sejeong, R: Kim Shin Young.

IU has been Kim Sejeong’s role model for years. Even during her pre-debut days, Kim Sejeong looked up to the singer-songwriter. As a fellow entertainer now, it’s for sure that Kim Sejeong would’ve had plenty of chances to get close to IU. Here’s why she didn’t.

I really love IU sunbaenim. I think it would be nice to have a meal with her someday, but I don’t have intentions of getting close to her. I’ll be so nervous, and the closer we are, I feel like the more mistakes I will make. I’ve been a true fan of hers since the past. During college, they asked us to choose our role model or the singer we respected, and I chose IU sunbaenim.

— Kim Sejeong

Many netizens related to how she felt.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • I know how that feels.
  • Wow, LOL. I know how that feels haha. I would love to go to my idol’s concert and get their autographs, but eating 1:1 with them and hanging out? I’d hate that. How dare…someone like me…? I just want to have my idol be my idol and not someone I know.
  • Ahh LOL. I know how that feels.
  • I kinda want to just like maybe have a meal with 20 people, like as a team dinner or something, and eat quietly before gathering the courage to say one word to them.
  • I know how that feels too. I also got chosen to go to my actor’s fansign, but I didn’t go. I wanted to maintain the distance by myself LOL.
  • I’m like that too. That’s why I’m so fascinated by those fans who go to offline events and act friendly to their idols, because they’re so different from me.
  • That’s right, that’s how otakus feel.
  • I get that too LOL.

Of course one would be incredibly nervous talking to their favorite star! Looks like celebrities are not immune from being starstuck.

Source: Theqoo
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