Here’s The Moment That “Business Proposal” Actress Kim Sejeong Nearly Fell For Ahn Hyo Seop IRL

They are just the cutest!

It might have been a whole week since Business Proposal aired its last episode, but netizens still can’t get over just how amazing SBS‘s recent K-Drama was. Although viewers fell in love with the characters they were watching, many were as obsessed with the actors’ chemistry off-screen.

In particular, everyone was obsessed with Kim Sejeong (known as Kim Se Jeong), who played Shin Ha Ri, and Ahn Hyo Seop, who played Kang Tae Moo.

Ahn Hyo Seop (left) and Kim Sejeong (right) | SBS

As Ha Ri and Tae Moo, the duo had a chemistry that had viewers hooked on their epic love story.

| The Swoon/ YouTube
| The Swoon/ YouTube   

Yet, off-screen, Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop had a relationship that seemed to give off both #friendshipgoals vibes and also unrivaled chemistry, which fans got to see in bucket loads when SBS Catch released behind the scenes footage.

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Even when filming the final episodes, SBS made sure to treat netizens to the cutest moments between the duo when the cameras weren’t filming.

In one of the episodes, Ha Ri bumped into her friends. After overhearing them not believing her when she said she had a boyfriend, Tae Moo goes for dinner with them to prove a point. One of the friends asks Tae Moo why he fell for Ha Ri, he replies, “She’s pretty,” which Ha Ri meets with a confused and stunned face.

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Yet, it seems like the reaction of Kim Sejeong couldn’t have been more different. After filming it once, Kim Sejeong seemed to want to hear it again, explaining, “I’m sorry. Can you please repeat that ‘You’re just too pretty’ part?

| SBS Catch/ YouTube 

When Ahn Hyo Seop heard it, he was more than happy to oblige and he replied, “Sure, sure. Ah, so you wanted to hear those words?” What shocked viewers the most was Kim Sejeong’s reply as she added, “I fell in love with that.

| SBS Catch/ YouTube

Yet, it isn’t even the first time Kim Sejeong has shared she’s almost fallen in love with Ahn Hyo Seop. While filming a scene, Ahn Hyo Seop shielded Kim Sejeong’s eyes from the sun.

In an interview during a special episode of the series,  Kim Sejeong even explained that it made her own heart flutter, adding, “It was shown in the making video but at that moment. I really almost fell in love.

| SBS Catch/ YouTube 

The show might have ended, but netizens have hopes that the two actors will meet again in the future. Throughout the series, they have managed to make each other feel at ease when filming, and it was amazing for netizens to see their friendship grow.

You can read more about Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop’s chemistry below.

“Business Proposal” Ahn Hyo Seop And Kim Sejeong’s Hearts Both Fluttered While Filming, But For Completely Different Reasons

Source: SBS Catch

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