2PM’s Junho Receives Praise For His Generosity And Kindness To A Rehabilitation And Support Center For The Disabled

Such a kind man.

2PM‘s Junho was recently praised when a good deed he had carried out was belatedly reported in the news. Junho has worked at a rehabilitation and support center for the disabled since 2019. He first took part in the activities as part of his mandatory military service, where he served as a social service worker due to a shoulder injury. The news came about when someone related to a worker in the center decided to publish Junho’s good deeds on an online community. Media outlets began contacting the center to verify the matter as the issue gained attention.

Yang Kyung Mo, the head of the center, vouched for the claims through a phone interview with SBS News. He claimed that Junho was of huge help to the center. He had been in charge of rehabilitation for around ten disabled people in the center.

It seems like the nephew of one of the center’s workers wrote a post about Mr. Junho. No one knew that it would become such a hot topic. I feel glad that it was made known as I know how much effort Mr. Junho put into our center. It was a misunderstanding on my part to have thought that most stars would just leave after working at the center without much care. Mr. Junho was very passionate. When he worked externally with patients who drooled or were uncomfortable moving around or had impaired vision, he would wipe their drool and hold their hands, sincerely caring for them. I was even more grateful to him as he did not show signs of having a hard time.

— Yang Kyung Mo

Junho even gifted the center with a car worth around ₩30.0 million KRW (about $24,100 USD). The center had needed a car for transportation, but they had not yet been able to receive funding. Junho offered to donate the funds.

As we were only established recently, we didn’t have aids and did not have a car. I coincidentally talked about that worry to Junho, and he carefully asked if he could sponsor us with a vehicle. I told him I would be grateful if he could do that, and he transferred me the money on the spot. I’m really grateful to him.

— Yang Kyung Mo

Junho was said to be well-loved by all the patients at the center, and whenever they spotted him on broadcast or in advertisements after he left the center, they would respond positively. Junho’s kindness did not stop at his military duties and donations. He would use his precious leave days from the army to attend the various camps and events. These often took him to faraway places like Jeju Island, Sokcho, and more.

Junho continued his connection with the center even after being discharged from the army. Most recently, on the day for the disabled, on April 20, 2022, he sent ten boxes of pizzas to the center as a treat.

Photo of the pizza party. | SBS News

The news of his kindness towards the disabled comes at a time in South Korea when the Association For The Disabled is carrying out public protests regarding the lack of information about policies for the disabled’s welfare. His kindness and sincerity in helping others have gained much public attention and praise. Kudos to him for his warm heart!

Source: SBS News