2PM Junho Reaches His Breaking Point After Sasaengs Harass His Family

His family members have been harassed and threatened until now.

2PM‘s Junho could take it no longer and issued a warning to those who were invading the privacy of his family members.


On December 20, Junho uploaded a post on his Instagram stating that he would be taking legal measures against those who have been harassing and threatening his family members.


Firstly, he asked the people to refrain from hacking into his sister’s Instagram account and contacting his family members to threaten them.

“1. Please refrain from hacking my sister’s Instagram account, and contacting my family and threatening their lives.”

ㅡ Junho


Secondly, he asked not to make prank calls to his brother-in-law’s workplace.

“2. Please do not make prank calls to my brother-in-law’s workplace and disrupt his work, and please do not use abusive language.”

ㅡ Junho


Thirdly, he asked not to extend interest into his family and stated that he will tolerate any damage that is inflicted on himself.

“3. Please gear your interest in me only towards me. I can tolerate damage that is inflicted on me.”

ㅡ Junho


He then clarified that he is collecting information on the above points and warned that he will be taking strict legal action against them.

“4. All data in relation to the things mentioned above are continuously beeing collected. Please take note that there will be zero negotiations in regard to the legal action that one may unexpectedly face due to this issue.”

ㅡ Junho


Finally, he asked everyone not to take pictures of his parents as a personal favor.

“5. Please do not take pictures of my parents or upload them. This is my personal favor. Please see with your eyes only. There is no problem with taking pictures of me.”

ㅡ Junho


Many netizens expressed empathy for Junho after hearing what he and his family have been suffering.

  • “That’s frightening. Honestly, let’s not bother the family.”
  • “Don’t bother the family, seriously what’s wrong with you? Does your family have to suffer the same thing before you understand how wrong that is?”
  • “I feel so bad for him…”
  • “If you become a famous celebrity, yes you have to accept that your private life will be exposed but it’s not right to bother their families too. Why hack her Instagram? Why call his brother-in-law’s office? These people are ridiculous and are going too far. Even if celebrities aren’t guaranteed a private life, disrupting their families is a violation of human rights and an act of defamation of character. Those people must be punished legally…”
Source: SBS Fune and Nate