2PM Member Confesses He Hasn’t Been Able To Date Any Girls For The Past 10 Years

He was married to his career, but now he’s more than ready to accept love!

2PM‘s Junho was known to have never dated in his life, and he admitted that the status still stands during an in-depth interview about his love life.

“It’s still true. I haven’t properly dated over the past 10 years.” — Junho

He hasn’t been able to date over the past decade because he can only focus on one thing, and he’s been focused solely on his career.

“I know even people date even though they may be busy but my personality can’t do two things properly at once. If I want to focus on something, I have to let go of everything else and that’s still very difficult for me.” — Junho

Junho dating in his drama “Just Between Lovers”.

He purposefully stayed away from dating, but now he’s open and ready to love!

“When I was younger, I had so much greed for my career that I kept telling myself ‘I need to focus on my work’. So I purposefully didn’t date before but now it’s different. If something naturally happens, I’ll definitely accept it.” — Junho

But he doesn’t want to just date for fun, he wants to really fall in love.

“Except, I don’t want it to be a relationship that’s light and not-this-or-that. I’d like it to be destined. If I’m going to date, I’d rather it be like that.” — Junho

He explained that he’s such a homebody that he has a difficult time even meeting female friends comfortably.

“Maybe it’s because of that way of thinking, but I can’t meet even a female friend comfortably. I’m always aware of what I’m doing and try my best to not cause an issue. It might be different if I’m usually an open person who hangs out with friends of the opposite sex, but I never really leave the house. In contrast to how I look, I tend to be closed and careful.” — Junho

Junho dating in his drama “Just Between Lovers”.

Now that he’s devoted the past 10 years to his career, Junho’s ready to focus on finding his true love!

“If I like something, I really like it. If I start something, I focus completely on it. So if I start dating, I want to date properly.” — Junho

Source: MBN