2PM Reported To Comeback This Summer—JYP Entertainment Responds

It’s been 5 years since the boys had an album released.

2PM has been preparing for their return after 5 years! In January, 2PM announced that they would be making a comeback with all 6 members this year. This had fans excited and looking forward to hearing more news about this album.

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Recently, industry representatives reported that the group is allegedly preparing for a summer comeback with an album that includes songs written by the members as well as other producers.

2PM is currently preparing a new album. The exact timing of the release will be announced later on.

—JYP Entertainment

Junho’s discharge last month marks the end of all the Korean members’ mandatory military service. This comeback will be their first album since GENTLEMEN’S GAME in 2016.

| JYP Entertainment

Regardless of when they come back, fans are ready to see the boys kill the stage!

Source: Star News and Ilgan Sports