2PM Reveals How Their Belated Success With “My House” Prepared Them For Their New Comeback

They talked about the success of “My House” in 2020, and revealed how it helped them with their new comeback!

Back in 2015, 2PM made their comeback with their sixth full album titled Gentleman’s Game and the accompanying title track “My House”. That album would be their last before the group went on hiatus in 2017 while the members completed their mandatory military service and focused on their individual activities in music and acting, and kept up the hype for the members to release new music again!

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Although released in 2015, the song once again re-entered charts in 2020, when it went viral on Youtube because of a compilation of the members’ sexy performances! Regarding the belated success of the song, Chansung shared how it helped them prepare for their new comeback, because now they knew that they still had fans waiting for them!

Although we cannot exactly tell the reasons behind the success of ‘My House’, it still hinted to us what people were expecting to see from us. Since we could easily grasp people’s needs, we attempted to make the album’s concept and the performance fit those needs.



As the K-Pop group known for their sexiness, Jun.K revealed how they not only brought back their trademark sexiness, but tried to make themselves look even sexier for their promotions this time around!

We spent a lot of time thinking how we could make ourselves look even sexier… We also tried to add some heart-throb elements to our album for our followers.



Suffice to say, HOTTEST were definitely waiting for their fave group to come back, and 2PM has got lots more to show them!

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2PM made their comeback with their 7th full album titled Must, and the accompanying title track “Make It”.

Check out their MV here!

Source: The Korea Times
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