2PM’s Taecyeon Reveals How He Honestly Feels About Being Nicknamed “Captain Korea”

The nickname made him want to do this.

2PM’s Taecyeon was nicknamed “Captain Korea” while he was serving in the military because of his muscular figure and handsome visuals that mirrored the Marvel Hero character, Captain America.


Now that he’s officially finished his military service, he confessed that the nickname brought him a lot of pressure. Although he felt pressured, he knew it was an honor and decided to work harder to fit that name.

It was a nickname that brought a lot of pressure but it also made me want to work that much harder. I think I was called ‘Captain Korea’ because the photos were taken right after I worked out a lot.

I’ll continue to work hard to fit that nickname.

— Taecyeon


He claims he was only able to gain that nickname thanks to his unit. He says he barely did anything but was given the image thanks to the help of his fellow soldiers that helped him to do better.

My unit helped me a lot. I didn’t do anything special but I became an ideal soldier. I was frequently told that I fit well as a soldier but I want to shed my soldier image now.

My military uniform was a beautiful uniform that allowed me to earn the nickname ‘Captain Korea’.

— Taecyeon


Although he’s honored by the nickname, Taecyeon is now looking forward to shedding his military image and returning to the screen with a new feel!

I’m not regretful at all. I recently lost weight because I was nearing my discharge date, so I don’t think that I now fit the same military image as well as I did before.

I’m going to work on presenting a better image after shedding my military one.

— Taecyeon


His new agency revealed that Taecyeon will be actively promoting as a 2PM member and actor now that he’s finished his military duties.

We would like to thank the fans and everyone who waited patiently for his return. We will work hard to make sure Taecyeon continues to soar past Korea and Asia as a 2PM member and actor.

Please look forward to Taecyeon’s new journey and give him lots of support.

— 51k

Source: Tenasia and Star News