Netizens Raise Anger After 2PM’s Taecyeon Faces An Allegedly Colorist Remark From A Reporter

A photo later posted by the idol also added to the criticism!

Netizens have raised their anger after 2PM‘s Taecyeon received remarks by a reporter during a recent press conference that were deemed colorist.

2PM’s Taecyeon | @taecyeonok/Instagram

Taecyeon is currently starring in the new K-Drama Heartbeat, where he plays Seon Woo Hyul, someone who is half human and half vampire.

During the press conference, one reporter gained negative attention after making a comment deemed colorist by netizens.

Vampires are known to be pale and delicate, but you, although have gotten paler but… (Laughs) So I was wondering if there was something you had in mind to portray a different kind of vampire.

— Korean reporter

Considering that a Korean standard of beauty is the idea of having “pale” skin is favorable, but “tanned” isn’t made the comments worse for netizens. It wasn’t surprising that fans were angry at the comments toward the idol.

Netizens also raised anger about the issues of colorism aftern Taecyeon posted a photo on Instagram of a vampire with “darker skin.”

The photo that added controversy | @taecyeonok/Instagram

The caption of the post read, “My heart is racing, the first week’s done.” While the whole post showcased many more photos from the filming and promotion, the fact that the first picture was the vampire photo after the comments didn’t sit well with fans.

When the photo was shared on social media…

The ongoing issue of colorism within K-Pop and Korea, in general, is something international netizens are aware of, and despite trying to raise awareness, fans are continually frustrated.