2PM to showcase a live performance of “My House” on Naver Starcast

2PM will be meeting with Hottests through a special episode of Naver STARCAST which will be aired on June 15th, the same day of their latest album release.

The episode will be broadcast on June 15th at 9pm KST with Jun.K and Wooyoung as MCs for the special episode.

STARCAST will feature the first live stage for their upcoming title track “My House” from their fifth studio album No. 5. In addition, 2PM has personally prepared home made gifts that will be given to Hottests that are chosen through a lottery during the episode!

JYP Entertainment has been teasing Hottests through SNS by releasing a series of photos in the last few days that show off 2PM’s sexy, manly charm, reminiscent of their Beast Idol image as they prepare for their comeback.

Despite running into production issues in May with the filming of their music video, 2PM has now completed filming and is prepared to make a powerful comeback on June 15th with “Our House” written by Jun.K. The tracklist for their fifth album was recently revealed and fans took notice that members Jun.K, Taecyeon, and Chansung participated greatly in the creative process for many of the new tracks. A teaser video for “My House” was also released earlier today.

Hottests, 2PM will be meeting with you soon! Remember to tune into Naver STARCAST on June 15th for a chance to win gifts from the members themselves.

Source: XSports News