2PM’s Jun.K Is Being Treated By A Doctor From The U.S.

2PM‘s Jun.K is now under the care of an American doctor and this recent Instagram update has fans hopeful for his speedy recovery.

After falling from the stage at a 2PM concert it was confirmed that Jun.K had suffered multiple fractures. Unfortunately, his recent injuries have left him unable to perform and move properly.

In the hopes of making a speedy recovery, Jun.K has been entrusted to one of the world’s top doctors in the field of spine and sports injuries, Dr. Craig Liebenson.

Dr. Liebenson and Jun.K both posted a video of Jun.K performing exercises to rehabilitate his knee that experienced trauma from the fall.

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Liebenson is in Seoul to work with the Korean branch of his company and perform seminars at Korean universities. Jun.K is lucky to have caught the skilled doctor during his stay in Seoul as he won’t have to travel for treatment.

Korea has a very affordable and well-functioning healthcare system. That being said, a top doctor is always a gift when trying to get healthy again. Jun.K seems to have been smiling more and working hard to get better quickly with the help of his new doctor.