JYP releases official statement regarding 2PM’s Jun. K’s accident

2PM‘s Jun.K was reported to have been rushed to the hospital after falling 3M between stages at their 6 Nights concert, and JYP Entertainment has released an official statement regarding his condition.

On February 26, 2PM held their 6 Nights concert in the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul, Korea.Guring one of the performances, a stage opened up and he fell through the gap between the moving platforms and fell 3 meters to the ground.

The concert was immediately stopped and a day later on February 27, JYP Entertainment released an official statement outlining the results of his medical examination and apologized for worrying so many fans and letting such an accident happen.

Here’s the official statement translated:

“On February 26 during 2PM’s concert, 6 Nights, one of the members of 2PM (Jun. K) had an accident when he fell from the stage to the ground.

When this accident happened, the concert was immediately halted and Jun. K was taken to the hospital soon after. He was thoroughly examined at the hospital to know his current condition.

After the examinations, it was found that his right elbow and fourth finger of his right hand were fractured. These fractures needed immediate action and now after being treated – we are closely monitoring his situation.

Due to this unfortunate accident, the company is heavily apologetic and we want to promise that accidents like these will never happen again. We will work hard towards being better in the future.

Thank You”

JYP Entertainment

Source: My Daily