2PM’s Nichkhun disses himself regarding past DUI incident on “SNL Korea 8”

Four years after the incident, Nichkhun finally opened up about his past DUI controversy with a sly joke on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live Korea 8.

On the September 10th broadcast of tvN‘s Saturday Night Live Korea 8 (SNL Korea 8), six-member boy group 2PM made a special guest appearance as the second host for the eighth season of the show which premiered just one week prior with Girl’s Day‘s Minah as the season’s first host.

During the latest episode on the 10th, member Nichkhun made a live “self-diss” during one of the skits titled, The History of Korean Music for the Masses, which featured all of the other members of 2PM as well.

The plot of this certain skit showed “present day” 2PM members traveling back in time to 2008 when they were all still trainees under the agency, getting ready to give up on their dreams of becoming artists due to the hardships of training. However, the present-day members advised their trainee-selves to never give up because they will reach the peak of their popularity in 2010.

Present-day Taecyeon told the trainee-2PM members, “Don’t give up. As soon as you guys debut, you’ll make a big hit and do well. You guys pretty much conquer the K-pop industry up until 2010.

In response to this, the 2PM members of the past asked him, “Why are we only successful until 2010? What happens to us after 2010?” Taecyeon then silently looked afar without being able to answer their question, making it the first self-diss that occurred within the skit.

Subsequently, present-day Nichkhun told his past trainee counterpart, “Make sure to learn the Korean language well because soon you’ll become extremely famous.” Just as well, trainee-Nichkhun proudly responded, “If I become that famous, I’m going to buy myself a super nice car and drive it all around.

However, present-day Nichkhun then warned his trainee-self, “Only ever drink alcohol at home. If you ever drink out in public, make sure to call for a chauffeur or taxi,” making it the ultimate self-diss regarding his past 2012 controversy where he was involved in a vehicular collision with a motorcyclist while driving under the influence of alcohol.

He then finished off by saying, “You can make big mistakes, but as long as you reflect strongly upon yourself and your actions and make sincere apologies, people will forgive and accept you for it.

Aside from appearing on SNL Korea 8, the group has confirmed that they will be making a comeback this month with their upcoming 6th full album, Gentlemen’s Game, which teasers have already been released for.

Source: OSEN, Busan News