3 “Hwayugi” Executives Found Guilty In Employee’s Tragic Paralysis Accident

Their negligence resulted in an employee becoming paraplegic.

3 executive staff members of the TV series Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) were sued for negligence of safety measures on set and found guilty. The executive director of JS Pictures, the agency in charge of shooting the show, along with the executive art director and the executive set installation staff will face criminal charges.


In December 2017, a staff member fell 10 feet while trying to hang a chandelier for the shoot on set. This accident resulted in the staff member becoming paraplegic. The accident raised awareness for on-set safety measures and working conditions for production members.

Immediately after the accident, the National Union of Media Workers visited the site of the accident and concluded the working conditions of the production staff are sub par.

If the viewers knew that behind the screen, the staff on set are not safe and even getting hurt to shoot these programs, they would not agree to the watching or making of such programs. The production staff are Korean citizens too and must be protected by the Korean law.— National Union of Media Workers


The police investigation concluded the executive staff members are responsible for the accident and the case has been sent to the public prosecutor’s office for final sentencing.


Source: Yonhap and Mediaus
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