3 Members Of MONSTA X Reportedly Renew Contracts With Starship Entertainment — 3 Members Still In Discussion

They’re still discussing with Starship.

Three members of MONSTA X have reportedly renewed their contracts with Starship Entertainment while three members are still in discussions.

According to an exclusive report from JTBCShownu, Kihyun, and Hyungwon have completed the contract renewal process with Starship Entertainment while Minhyuk, Joohoney, and I.M are still in discussions with the company. Their current contracts are reported to be ending this week.

The three members who have currently not completed their contract renewals have not made any clear indication that they intend on leaving the company, so communication is still on-going between the members and the company. They have been in discussions with the company for months, as singers are allowed to begin the contract negotiation process several months prior to their expiration. Regardless of whether all of the members renew or not, the group’s scheduled concerts and albums are likely to proceed anyway due to their recent comeback.

Starship Entertainment has yet to comment on the report.

Source: JTBC