30th Seoul Music Awards Blurs Out Seungri, T.O.P, And B.I During Video Showing Past Winners

They blurred out their faces from the video.

The 30th Seoul Music Awards is receiving criticism after blurring out Seungri, T.O.P, and B.I during a video celebrating the past winners from their awards show.

Right before the announcement of the Daesang award, which was awarded to BTS, the Seoul Music Awards showed a highlight video of past winners from the event, from Daesang awards to Rookie of the Year awards. BIGBANG receiving their Daesang in 2007 and iKON receiving their Rookie of the Year award in 2015 were shown as part of the highlights, and were deemed the most Legendary Daesang and Rookie of the Year awards given.

However, many fans quickly noticed that members who were deemed to have caused controversies were blurred out of their video clips. During iKON’s segment, B.I was blurred out, even though he was holding the trophy.

During BIGBANG’s segment, both Seungri (left) and T.O.P (right) were blurred out.

Naturally, fans of both groups are furious with the Seoul Music Awards for blurring the idols, especially fans of B.I as he was proven innocent, and T.O.P as he has reflected on his past and has changed.

The Seoul Music Awards has yet to comment on the blurring of the three idols.