3rd Gen K-Pop Idol Holds Fanmeeting For His Fellow Soldiers While Serving In The Military

So many people asked for autographs!

A 3rd Gen K-Pop idol has garnered attention even during his military enlistment.

On May 11, EXO‘s Kai enlisted for his mandatory military enlistment. He was sent off by his members before entering the basic training camp.

As Kai cannot promote during his service, he has not been able to participate in EXO’s recent comeback with the group’s 7th album EXIST. Yet, he has managed to meet fans, at least…

Kai’s autograph had been highly requested, so a “fanmeeting” was organized. During a break, his fellow soldiers lined up with A4 papers to get autographed. The line was so long that not everyone could get Kai’s autograph.

Wh- what?

From what I’ve heard, Kai is at some center undergoing training… But please keep away from him.

— @_Mung_88/Twitter

This is at break time. All these public service workers are waiting in line with printer paper in their hands, so they can ask EXO’s Kai for an autograph. Couldn’t get one, though. T-T

— Original Poster’s Image

Those who attended the fansign were so excited and couldn’t get over Kai’s visuals. They also praised his kindness and friendliness.

Aw, baby Kai must have been signing for everyone… It says Kai is really handsome, with an insane level of glow, and that he’s super friendly. He’s making everyone, including men, fall for him. Haha. Nice work, Jongin!

— @kof8ji/Twitter

This is EXO Kai’s autograph. My son brought it home. He said Kai is really handsome, with an insane level of glow… My son also said that Kai is so friendly and all, that even guys would easily fall in love with him. Daebak.

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Soldiers’ friends, mothers, etc., all heard about the unofficial fansign and how Kai had arranged it in his only free time. Everyone couldn’t help but fall in love with him, understandably so!

I heard this from a friend of mine…
On one of the group training nights, when the dinner menu was jjajang rice, Jongin ran over screaming, ‘YAY JJAJANG RICE!’ (Haha.) And he was available for one day only on Friday for autographs, because he had gotten some requests. Apparently, he’s super good-looking and very obviously celeb-like. But at the same time, he’s so very nice—like a friendly neighborhood hyung—and that surprised a lot of people.

— @pkwait1/Twitter

We had jjajang rice for dinner one night
And he went
YAY, JJAJANG RICE! And ran over to the dining hall
LOL he’s kind of cute

— Original Poster’s Image 1

Yeah, he was wearing a hat
but he was still good-looking

— Original Poster’s Image 2

This wouldn’t be the first time that Kai attracted a long line. While he promoted his solo comeback with “Rover,” idols lined up to do the TikTok dance challenge with him.

Kai is just so beloved!

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