“The Last One Fans Will Get Until 2025” — Fans Get Emotional As The EXO Members Reunite To Send Kai Off To The Military

Wishing him a safe enlistment!

It was previously announced by SM Entertainment that EXO‘s Kai would be enlisting on May 11, 2023. The news sent fans into shock and dismay as EXO was scheduled for a group comeback soon, the first in many years.

Kai showed off his shaved head prior to the enlistment. Fans couldn’t help but praise his visuals that shone even without hair.

He also went to visit his older sister’s cafe after shaving his hair. Although he didn’t stay for long, perhaps he just wanted to show his new look to his sister.

He even stopped some girls in their tracks!

Just right before he entered the military for his basic training camp, the other EXO members gathered to send him off. The boys were dressed down in casual clothes to send their maknae off.

| @weareoneexo/Twitter

The post was captioned with simple emojis emulating the thumbs-up signs they were all throwing up in the photo.

Naturally, fans loved to see the boys together for a group shot. They already went through this with the older members before.

One sadly pointed out that we might not get to see this again until 2025.

EXO has indeed been a family since their debut!

Wishing Kai a safe enlistment!

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