4 Adjustments A 24-Member Girl Group Needs To Make While Promoting

Their size means they need to do some things differently.

TripleS is one of the largest active K-Pop groups with 24 members. Formed by MODHAUS, they aim to be the world’s first decentralized group.

They consists of members Kim YooyeonMayuXinyuKim NakyoungPark SohyunSeo DahyunNienYoon SeoyeonJiyeonKotoneKim ChaeyeonGong YubinLee JiwooKaedePark ShionSullinLynnJeong HyerinKim Chaewon, Jeong HayeonKim SoominKwak YeonjiJoobin and Seoah.

tripleS | @triplescosmos/X

Several units from tripleS have already made their debut, but their recent single “Girls Never Die” is the first featuring all 24 members.

Promoting with two dozen members means they have to do some things differently compared to most groups. They shared some of their quirks in an interview with Korea JooAng Daily.

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1. Bus

First up, most K-Pop groups travel in one or two large vans to get them from schedule to schedule. Because of tripleS’ large size, however, they need five minivans all to themselves.

BLACKPINK fits in one car with four members

Though the MODHAUS girl group fits in these vehicles, they consider it “impractical” and thus will soon transfer to a bus instead.

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2. Styling

Styling is another issue that they have to take into account since they can easily overpack a single salon. The girl group makes sure to go in shifts of 12 in order to properly utilize everyone’s time. They also leave extremely early to ensure all members have their hair, makeup, and clothes ready by the time they need to be somewhere.

We have to split our team in half, and the team that goes early will have to leave the dorm at 1AM.

— Kim Nakyoung

| @triplescosmos/X

These sub-groups switch places every so often to ensure that they all have their turn waking up early to be styled first.

3. Household Tasks

Besides this, having two dozen members means double the number of group chats. Each sub-unit has their own private group chat on top of the main one for the 24 members. Here, they assign house tasks across the different dorms.

It is member Kim Soo Min who delegates these tasks as the group’s resident cook. According to Kim Yooyeon, this communication method is highly effective, saying, “It works.”

Different [dorms] have different members in charge of cooking.

— Kim Soomin

maxresdefault (1)

4. Ordering Food

Finally, food is also chosen their own way. Unlike many K-Pop groups where the manager takes a vote of what to eat, each member of tripleS is in charge of picking their own meal.

We don’t force each other to order the same menu; everyone orders their own food

Kim Yooyeo

Meanwhile, groups like Girls’ Generation follow a “majority wins” mindset.

If you’re in a group, the majority wins. If you don’t want to have black tea…you need to have black tea if five people want black tea.

— Jessica, former member of Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation (9 Members) | SM Entertainment

Being in a 24-member girl group isn’t easy, but tripleS makes the necessary adjustments to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Check out their “Girls Never Die” music video below.

Source: Korea JooAng Daily


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