Total Of 4 N.Flying Members Test Positive For COVID-19

Only one member has tested negative.

Following news previously that 3 members of N.Flying, Lee Seunghyub, Yoo Hweseung and Seo Dongsung had tested positive for COVID-19, on September 4, it was reported that Kim Jaehyun had also tested positive.

FNC Entertainment released a statement through their official fancafe.

This is FNC Entertainment. Our artist, N.Flying’s Kim Jaehyun received a positive test result for COVID-19 today. Chahoon, who had undergone the PCR test with Kim Jaehyun, received a negative test result.

Following this, Kim Jaehyun, in addition to the COVID-19 positive members, Lee Seunghyub, Yoo Hweseung and Seo Dongsung will all be following the preventative measures and undergoing self-quarantine, while also receiving the necessary treatments.

Chahoon has also begun his self-quarantine since yesterday. We apologize for worrying many people as well as the fans. We will be carrying out the preventative measures diligently and do our best so our artists can hurry and return in health.

— FNC Entertainment

Chahoon is currently the only member that has tested negative. Wishing them a speedy recovery!



Source: Star MT