4 Top Actors Have All Just Left KeyEast On The Same Day

They all left together.

4 of Korea’s top actors have all left KeyEast on the same day in favor of a new agency created by KeyEast’s vice president.

According to an exclusive report from Maeil Kyungjae, Son Dam Bi and Jung Ryeo Won will be moving to KeyEast vice president Hong Min Ki‘s newly created agency as their contracts recently expired. Hong Min Ki was in charge of management at KeyEast. Son Dam Bi and Jung Ryeo Won are well known as being best friends, and moved to Hong Min Ki’s new agency based on their deep trust for him.

Following the initial report, another exclusive report, this time from Edaily, stated that popular couple So Yi Hyun and In Gyo Jin will also be leaving KeyEast following the expiration of their contracts and moving to Hong Min Ki’s new agency. The couple gained popularity after appearing together in SBS‘s variety show Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny.

Jung Ryeo Won joined KeyEast in 2912, and best friend Son Dambi followed her to KeyEast in 2015. So Yi Hyun joined KeyEast back in 2010 and has appeared in numerous dramas and variety shows. Her husband In Gyo Jin joined KeyEast in 2015 after getting married to So Yi Hyun in 2014.

Hong Min Ki began his career as a manager at Star J Entertainment, managing Soo Ae and Choi Kang Hee. Since 2007, he has been in charge of the enter actor’s division as the head of management at KeyEast.

In response to the reports, KeyEast says they are in discussions with all 4 actors about renewing their contracts.

We are currently discussing contract renewals with Son Dam Bi, Jung Ryeo Won, So Yi Hyun, and In Gyo Jin.

— KeyEast

Source: Edaily, Maeil Kyungjae and Sports Donga