All 4 WINNER Members Officially Renews Contracts With YG Entertainment

They will be staying with YG.

All four members of WINNER have officially renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment for five more years.

According to YG Entertainment’s statement, all of the members of WINNER have agreed to stay with YG Entertainment due to their trust and support from YG Entertainment. WINNER is a group that has received a lot of love for their various musical genres and styles, and are continuing to grow with the full support and trust from YG Entertainment.

WINNER has also decided to renew their contracts to repay all of the love that their fans have given them. While celebrating their seven year anniversary on August 17 at the new YG Entertainment headquarters, they decided to renew their contracts at the same time.

We really want to make it known that we respect our Inner Circle who have always been with us and by our side. It’s because of you that we are here today. We want to share more memories with you in the future, as if we’re on a musical vacation with no final destination.


Currently, WINNER members Kim Jinwoo and Lee Seunghoon are serving their mandatory military service. Kang Seungyoon and Song Mino are currently active with their individual promotions.

Source: Sports Donga