4 Years After “Produce 101”, One Trainee Will Finally Make Her Debut

She is finally debuting.

4 years after competing in the first season of Produce 101, Lee Haein will finally be making her debut.

Lee Haein revealed the news in a post made on her personal Instagram account.

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안녕하세요 해인입니다 오늘은 새로운 소식이 있어서 이렇게 찾아뵙게 되었는데요! 다름이 아니라 제가 더그루브 컴퍼니와 함께 올 하반기 데뷔를 목표로 막바지 작업 중에 있습니다! 오랜 기다림 끝의 시작을 함께하게 된 식구분들께 항상 감사드리고 마지막으로 저보다 더 기다려주신 팬분들께 누구보다 사랑하고 누구보다 감사하다는 말씀드리고 싶습니다. 늘 간절한 마음 잊지 않고 자주 되돌아보는 해인이가 될 테니까요 기대 많이 해주시면 감사하겠습니다! @the_groove__official

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Hello, this is Haein. I’m here to bring you new news today!

It’s just that I have been working with The Groove Company for my debut in the second half of this year, and I’m in the final steps of the process!

I am always thankful to my family who have been with me for such a long time from the start.

Finally, to all of the fans who have been waiting even longer than me for my debut, I love you all and thank you all more than anyone else.

I will be Lee Haein who is won’t forget her earnestness and often looks back on myself.

Please look forward to it a lot, and thank you!

— Lee Haein

Lee Haein first made her name known to K-Pop fans through Produce 101‘s inaugural season, joining as an SS Entertainment trainee. She ended up making it to the final episode, but unfortunately was unable to debut with I.O.I, placing 17th.

Due to popular fan support, five members who made it to the final episode, Lee Haein, Kim Sohee, Yoon Chaekyung, Lee Suhyun, and Han Hyeri, formed the project group I.B.I under Loen Entertainment. They promoted for only a few months, as that was the intention of the project group.

Following her time with I.B.I, she immediately appeared on another survival show, joining Mnet‘s Idol School in hopes of being able to debut with fromis_9. She was ranked very highly for much of the show, however ultimately ended up in 11th place, not making it into the debut lineup.

2 years after Idol School ended, Lee Haein and her father both called out Mnet for their unfair business practices and false promises.