After 4 Years BTS Is Still Endorsing Puma, And Their Newest Style Is Swaggy AF

PUMA X BTS since 2015 and counting. It’s about time they go global, so they did.

BTS has been the face of PUMA since 2015 and starting 2018, BTS is PUMA’s newest global ambassador!


PUMA released the “Beyond Dream” PUMA TURIN campaign, where RM and V draw in the TURIN logo on a pair of special edition TURIN shoes.

“TURIN is a symbol of the time BTS and PUMA have come together so far.” — PUMA Associate


BTS members shared, “PUMA was the first brand commercial we did as a group. It feels unreal and we have grown so much together for four years.”


Every season for the past 3 years, BTS has done a campaign shoot for PUMA.

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In 2017, BTS participated in the actual design of the merchandise. And now in 2018, BTS will go global with PUMA as the brand’s global ambassadors.

“PUMA supports BTS’s global outreach. PUMA looks forward to many more years of good relationship with BTS.” — PUMA


They began their first endorsement for PUMA back in 2015.


Then blossomed into a friendship with the brand in 2016.


They became a part of the company with their sick designs in 2017.


And now, PUMA and BTS are basically like family!


Source: Dispatch


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