Actor Won Bin Models For Men’s Clothing Brand And Stuns With His Youthful Visuals

Why does this man not age?!

South Korea’s original heartthrob, Won Bin is back as a model for a clothing brand.

Actor Won Bin | Chosun

On April 28, men’s clothing brand OLZEN released photos of their new 2021 summer pictorial featuring the ever handsome Won Bin. These photos were taken on the beautiful Jeju Island, where you can see various nature backgrounds.


Modeling in different scenic backgrounds, Won Bin is photographed wearing different OLZEN clothing pieces, such as this orange graphic t-shirt.


While the public already knows about the actor’s visuals, these photos are proving to be a shocking reminder of how good looking Won Bin truly is! The actor will be turning 44-years-old (American age) this year, but he doesn’t look a day over 30 in these pictures. How does he do it??


This is one of the rare updates the public gets of Won Bin, as he has become known for his quiet lifestyle. The actor previously got married to actress Lee Na Young back in 2015 and has been staying out of the limelight even more since. Won Bin’s last production was back in 2010, when he featured in the classic film, The Man From Nowhere.

Source: Chosun