Labelmates To Lovers: The Complete HyunA And Yong Jun Hyung Timeline

They’ve been friends for years!

HyunA and ex-BEAST/Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung (also known as Junhyung) sparked dating rumors by posting what appeared to be a lovestagram recently.

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Yet, they’ve known each other for years. Check out their complete timeline below.


14-year-old HyunA debuted as a member of JYP Entertainment‘s Wonder Girls on February 10, 2007. However, she left shortly after when her parents removed her due to their concerns for her health.

In 2008, she joined Cube Entertainment, where she debuted again, but this time in the five-member girl group 4MINUTE. The group made its debut in 2009 with the single “Hot Issue.”

Likewise, after the TV documentary series MTV B2ST, 19-year-old Yong Jun Hyung debuted in the six-member boy group BEAST with the EP Beast Is the B2ST on October 15, 2009. The group became instantly popular, selling thousands of its EP, a rare occurrence for a rookie group. They went on to receive multiple “Rookie” awards too.

HyunA and BEAST had many interactions throughout the years. For example, BEAST and HyunA were featured on the red carpet together for 2011 MAMA Awards.

They also performed at events together, such as DiGi Live K-Pop Party 2011 and Dream Concert.


One of HyunA and BEAST’s most frequent interactions came in the form of collaborations. 4MINUTE and BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung featured on a remix of American artist Amerie‘s “Heard ’em All.”

HyunA also collaborated with BEAST/Highlight’s Lee Gi Kwang (also known as Gikwang or Kikwang) on the song “2009” for his 2009 debut solo album First Episode: A New Hero.

While still a member of 4MINUTE, HyunA made her solo debut the following year, on January 4, 2010, with “Change,” featuring Yong Jun Hyung. The music video was initially flagged with a 19+ rating due to her provocative dancing, so Cube Entertainment re-edited it.

During promotions, the two would give flirty performances on music shows.

On May 19, 2010, 4MINUTE released their second EP, Hit Your Heart (HuH), with its title track “HuH,” featuring BEAST, who rapped on “Who’s Next?”

The next year, Yong Jun Hyung featured along with labelmate at the time, G.NA, on HyunA’s lead single for her EP Bubble Pop!, “A Bitter Day.”

Also, HyunA famously was part of the duo Trouble Maker with former BEAST member Hyunseung, which was formed in 2011.

Just Friends?

In 2016, HyunA and Yong Jun Hyung guested on the variety show Happy Together. They got visibly flustered when the hosts asked them questions regarding their relationship.

Hosts: HyunA, have you gone to a karaoke with Jun Hyung?

Yong Jun Hyung: Just the two of us?

Hosts: Have you…?

Yong Jun Hyung: Do you mean if we’ve gone there separately?

Hosts: Aren’t you two friends? It was a tricky question. I wanted to ask how close they are.

Yong Jung Hyung explained they’re friends who talk about music. The hosts pressured them to talk about their personal relationship, although the idols were there as representatives of their agency at the time.

Yong Jun Hyung: Yes, we talk to each other a lot.

Hosts: Really? I see. Do you call each other?

Yong Jun Hyung: Yes, we do.

Hosts: What do you two talk about? Do you say, “I love you?”

Yong Jun Hyung: We talk about how we work on our new albums and what worries us, and we give each other advice.

Hosts: I’m sorry, but it sounds scripted. We heard that HyunA was relieved to be here with Jun Hyung because they’re close friends. Are you really close? They don’t seem close. You must talk about your private life too.

HyunA: We both don’t usually talk about personal affairs. Also… What should I say?

In 2017, HyunA was shown going on a late-night date with a man during her solo reality program HyunA X19. It was none other than Yong Jun Hyung, who was described as her “very close guy friend.” The two enjoyed a meal and talked about everything from music to chopstick skills. At the end of the video, HyunA said, “I made a decision this year to do the things that I like with the people I love and work hard to make at least one more person like me.” 

The Original OTP

TV hosts haven’t been the only ones shipping these two since the beginning. Fans even used to make edits of them.


While HyunA and Yong Jun Hyung are no longer in their respective groups or even under Cube Entertainment, they have kept in touch.

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On January 18, 2024 (KST), HyunA and Yong Jun Hyung uploaded matching pictures of the two together, walking on a beach while holding hands. HyunA’s addition of the couple emoji (👩‍❤️‍👨), the comment “Please view us favorably” (a common phrase asking for support), and tagging him seemed to confirm they are now dating.

Yet, fans are suspicious they’ve been dating for months. Read more below.

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