Former 4MINUTE’s Jeon Jiyoon Addresses Rumors About Hyuna’s Relations With Former Members

She finally broke the silence.

Former 4MINUTE‘s Jeon Jiyoon, who now goes by JENYER, has just come back with a new song – “BAD”. In an interview with EDaily, Jiyoon touched on the topic of her roots with 4MINUTE as well as the controversial topic of a rift between members.

| JS E&M Entertainment

As fellow former member Hyuna is set to come back on the 26th of August with “GOOD GIRL”, their promotional periods would seem to clash. However, Jiyoon shared that she thinks Hyuna is a solo singer that has already succeeded and hence she has lots to learn from Hyuna. Upon hearing that Hyuna was also facing health issues right before the comeback, Jiyoon shared her well wishes, hoping that Hyuna will recover soon.

| JS E&M Entertainment

On the touchy subject of member relations, Jiyoon revealed that there was no animosity between the former members of 4MINUTE. She acknowledged that it was true that they are not contacting each other at the moment and have not been, but there was not a moment during 4MINUTE’s activities where they fought, neither was there any disagreement or hostility. Although her comeback song’s concept hints at animosity and discord, Jiyoon wants to emphasize that it has nothing to do with the rumors floating about 4MINUTE’s relations with each other.

Jiyoon also revealed that the choreography for the song was made by a dancer that is a mere 21 years old (international age) that contacted her through Instagram DMs. If you’ve yet to check out her song, give it a click below.

Source: Edaily