“I Won’t Buy From There” — 4th-Generation Idol Adresses Backlash After Asking Starbucks To Sponsor Her

“Thanks for loving me still…”

A member of the fourth-generation K-Pop girl group ICHILLIN’, known as Joonie, found herself at the center of a fierce controversy. The idol posted on X requesting sponsorship from Starbucks — a brand currently embroiled in discussions about the Pro-Palestine boycott movement led by the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

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The BDS movement has long advocated for a global boycott of brands alleged to support or benefit from the violation of Palestinian rights, including those with operations in the occupied territories. In light of the ongoing humanitarian issues in the Gaza Strip, there has been a renewed focus on the list of brands to boycott, shared by the Palestinian BDS National Committee.

This list categorizes various companies, including some like McDonald’s, and even though Starbucks is not explicitly listed by BDS, it has not been immune to scrutiny and calls for boycott from Pro-Palestine activists and sympathizers.

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Joonie’s post, made on February 19, featured the idol holding a Starbucks cup accompanied by the caption, “Sponsor me Starbucks.” The post was swiftly deleted following a backlash from fans, who were quick to inform her of the ongoing boycott and the implications of her request for sponsorship from such a brand.

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Responding to the backlash, Joonie took to the Bubble app, a popular platform for idols to communicate with fans, to issue an apology. She expressed regret over her previous post and assured fans that she would refrain from purchasing Starbucks in the future.

I’m sorry. I won’t buy from there (Starbucks). Thanks for letting me know.

— Joonie

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The ICHILLIN’ star also made a note to thank fans for continuing to support and love her despite the recent controversy.

No, I love you, thanks for loving me still.

— Joonie

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Joonie’s controversy is a reminder of the responsibility that comes with being in the public eye, especially in an era where social media amplifies every action and statement. It also underscores the importance of being informed about global issues and the impact of seemingly innocuous actions like brand endorsements.

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