Who’s Winning? K-Drama Fans Predict The Fiercest Competition Yet For 2023 Baeksang’s “Supporting Actor” Award

Koreans can’t even begin to guess who might win!

Set to air on April 28 (KST), the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards is building high anticipation among K-Drama and K-Movie fans. With some of the most sensational works to be celebrated, the latest release of the nominations has the internet talking!

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While all categories are expected to see brutal competition…

Is It Woo Young Woo vs. Moon Dong Eun? Koreans Divided Over Who’ll Win The 2023 Baeksang Arts Awards

…Koreans believe it’s going to be the fiercest for the “Supporting Actor Award” for K-Dramas. The 59th Baeksang Arts Awards nominated five actors from 2022-2023’s greatest hits:

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Actor Kang Ki Young received the nomination for his role of the non-judgmental, kindhearted sunbae attorney on Extraordinary Attorney Woo…

…while actor Kim Do Hyun has been nominated for his convincing portrayal of the sly son-in-law on Reborn Rich.

Actor Kim Jun Han received his nomination for his “best role yet” of an abusive and manipulative husband on Anna

…and actor Park Sung Hoon for his own “best role yet” of a reckless bully on The Glory.

With actor Jo Woo Jin also up against the other nominees with his role on Narco Saints that served as the biggest “plot twist” of the whole show…

…K-Drama fans can’t even fathom who’ll take the award home!

Koreans are flocking to online communities, like theqoo, and casting their votes in prediction of 2023’s winner. The votes are divided over hundreds of comments—with all five nominees “very deserving” of the recognition. So only time will tell!

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  • “I can’t pick.”
  • “Oh, gosh… How am I supposed to choose?”
  • “I think Jo Woo Jin is going to win.”
  • “This is hard. I love all of them! T-T”
  • “Jae Jun.”
  • “Wow, this is a tough call. I scrolled through all of them thinking the award is well deserved.”
  • “Huh… I can’t pick.”
  • “Oh, man… All of them deserve the award.”
  • “Jae Jun!”
  • “Kim Jun Han’s acting for the role of Choi Ji Hoon, though. It was insane.”
| theqoo
  • “I’m going to pick Jae Jun.”
  • “I watched all of these except Narco Saints. I’m going to go with either Anna or The Glory!”
  • “This is insane. Haha.”
  • “Jo Woo Jin.”
  • “Let’s award all of them. There’s not a single person who doesn’t deserve the award.”
  • “Jae Jun.”
  • “Hmm. It’s simple for me. Isn’t Kang Ki Young the obvious winner?”
  • “Please give it to Kang Ki Young. He deserves it. It’d make me the happiest to see him win.”
  • “Give it to Jo Woo Jin.”

Who’s going to win the award? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Baeksang Arts Awards and theqoo
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