6-Year-Old Found Dead In South Korean Reservoir As Family Holiday Turns Tragic

Rest in peace.

A heartbreaking incident occurred in Cheongdo, South Korea, where a 6-year-old boy who disappeared from a pool villa was found dead in a nearby reservoir.

The boy, known only as “A,” was reported missing around 6:19 PM while staying with his family at a pool villa in Cheongdo County, North Gyeongsang Province.

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The family of the missing child alerted authorities, prompting a large-scale search operation. Approximately 272 personnel from the fire department, police, and military worked together to locate the child.

Sadly, their efforts concluded the following morning at 10:55 AM when the boy’s lifeless body was discovered in the reservoir. The rescue team from the Cheongdo Fire Station used a boat to conduct an underwater search, ultimately retrieving the boy’s body about 16 hours after he was first reported missing.

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Photo of the rescue team’s operation. | Yonhap 

It has been determined that the child left the villa through a window before vanishing. Authorities have indicated that there are no signs of foul play, but they are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

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Photo for illustrative purposes only. | Seoul Kyungjae

This incident has left the community in deep sorrow as they mourn the loss of a young life. The boy’s family and local residents are now left to grapple with the devastating outcome of what should have been a peaceful family getaway.

Source: wikitree
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