7 Stars Share Their Reasons For Forgoing College

While some celebrities pursue a college education, some might forgo a higher educational degree to focus on their acting or singing careers. Read more for the compilation of the seven celebrities who have shared their reasons for pursuing what they have earned today.

1. BoA on KBS‘ Win Win: “My singing career did not require a college title.”

Although BoA did not receive a college education, she never regretted her choice. Instead, she is thankful for the priceless career she has established in her life. She has once imagined entering a college, however, she thought that would only make her a ghost student.

2. IU on SBS‘ Healing Camp: “I only lived by looking upon finishing the 12th grade.”

IU once revealed that she never really enjoyed going to school. She has always thought her school career would be over once she graduated high school, as a result, she only looking upon graduating the 12th grade. She honestly remarked that her grades were not that decent to go make it into a college. Although she imagined the “Special College Admission Programs” would be cool if she did well, she felt that she wouldn’t be able to make through college when she couldn’t even go to high school every day.

3. Park Ji Bin on MBC‘s Radio Star: “Uneven attendance rates are harmful for both.”

The child actor decided to let go of taking the national college entrance exam in order to focus on his career as an actor. He even completed his high school years through qualification examination. Even if he had the choice to go to a college, he feels that his frequent absence would only harm other students as well as himself.

4. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) on MBC FM4U‘s Kangin and Taeyeon’s Close Friend: “Putting my name on the roster, when I can’t even attend the classes?”

Taeyeon once commented on her will to pursue further education. However, she also did not want to merely put her name up on the roster when she cannot physically make it to the classes due to tight schedules as a girl group member and leader.

5. Rap Monster (BTS) on tvN‘s Hot Brain: Problematic Men: “Top 1% on the mock national college entrance exam… but music was more important.”

Rap Monster has garnered attention for his relatively high IQ of 148. He revealed to have received a top 1% percentile grade on the mock national college entrance exam. However, he pursued a music career instead of entering college.

6. Suzy (miss A) on JTBC‘s Quiz Idol: “Do we really have to go to college?”

National sweetheart Suzy has once revealed her thoughts on college. She believes that if she cannot even attend most of the classes, she does not feel like college should be mandatory in such cases.

7. Yoo Seung Ho during an interview: “Don’t want to take away someone else’s opportunity.”

As many colleges administer celebrities under a special admission program, it has been a debatable issue as to whether or not it is fair for the majority of other applicant students. In particular, Yoo Seung Ho agreed that he did not want to take away someone else’s opportunity, especially if he were to apply for the Theatre and Film major.

Netizens commented:

[+886, -18] For someone who started out as a child, Yoo Seung Ho isn’t at all arrogant and has really deep thoughts, he grew up so well~~~

[+824, -34] 99% of the time, male idols go to college and graduate school is to postpone their military service… Just look at Lee Seung Gi and his master’s degree… ㄷㄷㄷ This makes Yoo Seung Ho look great… ㄷㄷㄷ

[+455, -28] Amazing of them~~

Source: Herald Corp, Herald Corp via Nate and Netizenbuzz