This 7-Year-Old Idol Has K-Pop Fans Discussing Whether Children Should Be Allowed To Debut

How young is TOO young to debut?

It’s normal for idols to begin their training at a very young age, but how young is too young when it comes to debuting?

RE:KIDS GLORY. | @kim_tae.hyeong/Instagram

The rookie group RE:KIDS GLORY debuted on July 30, 2021 with their song “Don’t Forget.” The group consists of 5 members: NoahTaehyeongJiwooYeonje, and Jinwoo. Their estimated ages range from 10 to 7 years old. According to a fanmade profile online, the members’ social media accounts are run by their parents.

RE:KIDS GLORY is under Retune Music, and they are not the only kid group under the label. They are part of the RE:KIDS name which includes other groups like RE:KIDS DREAM and RE:KIDS BLOOM.

RE:KIDS DREAM. | @official_rekids/Instagram

Their YouTube channel shows the children covering popular Korean songs, dorm and studio vlogs, as well as official music videos.

K-Pop fans online are apprehensive regarding the situation. Though it is common for idols to begin training and even debut at a young age, many comments on their music video say this is far too young for any child to enter the idol industry.

“They sing really well for their age, and no doubt they are talented. But isn’t this too young for them to debut?”

They will have to go through all the struggles of being a kpop idol And to think this will be their childhood.”

“They’re adorable but this industry is so f*cked up, let them be kids please.”

Jinwoo went viral online for his estimated age of 7 years old. | @kwakjinwoo2368/Instagram

Child actors and musicians have been around for as long as the entertainment industry itself, but many K-Pop fans believe it’s time that the practice change.

Source: RETUNE MUSIC LABELS and KProfiles