8D Creative Responds To Claims That They Manipulated Votes For “PRODUCE 48”

They were accused of providing services to ensure their trainee’s debut.

Latest news reports claimed that 8D Creative was one of the 4 agencies that offered services to Ahn Joon Young PD for manipulation of the votes in favor for their trainee contestants on PRODUCE 48.

8D Creative is the agency for Kang Hyewon who debuted as a member of IZ*ONE after competing on PRODUCE 48 (the 3rd season of the series).


As soon as the accusations were released, 8D Creative denied the claims and explained that the person involved with the manipulation once worked with them but had left the company to take part in the manipulation for the following season, PRODUCE X 101.

It’s true that Mr. Ryu (the employee mentioned) once worked at 8D for a brief time, but he had already left the company last year.

He then joined another agency and submitted trainees to PRODUCE X 101. We understand that is where he became involved in the issue.

It has nothing to do with 8D Creative.

— 8D Creative

The prosecutors had revealed that they investigated Ahn Joon Young PD, Kim Yong Bum CP, the assistant PD, and Mr. Lee PD. They also investigated 5 employees from various entertainment agencies. News reports claimed the 4 employees were from Starship Entertainment and Woollim Entertainment, while the 5th employee was Mr. Ryu.

Ahn Joon Young was reported to have received over $90,000 special services and nightlife entertainment outings thanks to entertainment agencies for the manipulation of the audition votes to ensure that their trainees make it to the debuting lineup.

Source: Ten Asia